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0:12 Metric Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws

0:20 About Metric Hexagon Socket Button Head Cap Screws

0:31 Metric Hexagon Socket Set Screws

0:40 Metric Hexagon Socket Flat Head Cap Screws

0:51 Hexagon Keys

1:00 About TUZ

1:10 Contact TUZ

►Socket cap screw:https://www.tuz.com.tw/metric-hexagon-socket-head-cap-screws

►Buttons head cap screw:https://www.tuz.com.tw/metric-hexagon-socket-button-head-cap-screws

►Socket set screw:https://www.tuz.com.tw/metric-hexagon-socket-set-screws

►Flat head socket cap screw:https://www.tuz.com.tw/metric-hexagon-socket-flat-head-cap-screws

►Hex Key:https://www.tuz.com.tw/hexagon-keys



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