Metric Hexagon Socket Button Head Cap Screws

Our production range of Alloy steel & Stainless steel Metric Hexagon Button Head Cap Screws per ISO7380 is from M2 to M16 and the length is up to 100 mm. The thread is 6g. We have full size range of ISO7380 in stock so that we can service our customers rapidly. Some people call button head cap screws as pan head screws.

Socket button head cap screws are mostly used in the surface of machinery or other component parts. The crucial features of button head cap screws are the wide load bearing surface and resistance to looseness. Socket button head screws are able to provide more space with limited hardware as well. The mechanical property of class 12.9 TUZ Socket button head cap screws shall conform to the requirement of ISO 898-1; for instance, the tensile strength shall be more than 19600 N and the hardness is HRC 39-44 (class 12.9). The dimension inspections of socket cap head screws conform to ISO7380.

Moreover, we can produce socket button flange head screws according to ISO7380-2 or torx button head screws per standard or your own print.


Surface Treatment:

  • Item:Hex Socket Button Head Cap Screw, Alloy Steel Hex Socket Button head Cap Screw, Hex Socket Button Head with Flange Screw, Torx Button Head Cap Screw, Stainless Steel Hex Socket Button head Cap Screw, ISO7380-1, ISO7380-2
  • According To:ISO 7380-2004
  • Material:Alloy Steel SCM435、Stainless Steel 304
  • Hardness:HRC 39~44
  • Surface Treatment : Black Oxide, Black phosphate plated, Bright Zinc plated, CR3+ plated, Black Zinc plated, Nickel plated,chrome plating ,GEOMAT, Nylon or ND patch
  • Class of Thread:5g6g
  • Quality Control : Salt Spray test, hardness test, tensile load test,PPAP report available
  • Packing : Bulk packing, small box packing, customized packing




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